Hiring young researchers

At the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics, was carried out a selection procedure of two new research team members (scientific research assistants) for the project "Intelligent and distributed control of three complex autonomous systems integrated into emerging technologies for personal medical and social assistance and servicing flexible precision manufacturing lines (CIDSACTEH) ".

The observance of the legal provisions related to the implementation of this procedure is supported by the following acts:

- The financing contract for the execution of Complex Projects CDI Nr. 78PCCDI / 2018, project undertaken by the four partners including the P3 partner University of Craiova, registered at UEFISCDI with no. 422 / 28.02.2018.

- The firm collaboration agreement signed at the University of Craiova with no. 22 / 02.23.2018,

- Approval by the management of the University of Craiova to start the employment procedures of two young researchers, including a two-year post-graduation period, registered at the University of Craiova under no. 14 / 03.2018,

- Announcements with the contest  for the two posts are published legally on jobs.ancs.ro (11.06.2018), https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu (14.06.2018), www.ace.ucv. en (11.06.2018),

- The attachments to the contest containing the required documents,

- The the verbal processes attached to the "Interview and CV Analysis" samples, respectively "The oral test" of 12.07.2018.

The selection committee found that both candidates, ANDREI DRAGOMIR and ALEXANDRU MARIN MARINIUC meet the conditions for being employed for the specified period, respecting the provisions of the CIDSACTEH project, as researchers in the project team (scientific research assistants).

In conclusion, the management of the University of Craiova was requested to carry out the legal formalities for the employment of the two researchers from 01.09.2018 to 31.08.2022.